Centralized management and control

Silo turns the browser into the central point of control and allows authorized administrators to tune the environment according to user needs. Silo lets admins enable, restrict or revoke access to web-based resources — centrally and in real time.

Hierarchical data structure

Define organizational structure and apply policies at the root or various nodes throughout the tree.

Silo Admin diagram

Total control over user access, devices, data policies and more

Centralized administration model across all users and devices screen
Single, cloud-based pane of glass to manage all configuration options screen
Hierarchical organization structure for defining users and groups and applying polices screen
Delegated administrator roles with varying entitlements screen
API - based integration and synchronization screen


Real-time policy enforcement

Policies need to keep pace with the rate of change. Any update to user configurations made in the Silo Admin Console propagate in real time. Enabling access to a web app or revoking access to a current user happens immediately, even in a live session. This gives you total control over who can access your data, regardless of user device or location.

This live change process is useful when adding users or changing parameters, but it's critical if account access needs to be revoked. An administrator can terminate a user's live session and suspend the account to prevent further access, acting as a kill switch for accounts that might be in violation of policy. But all data regarding the user and their activity remains in the system to support forensic or post-facto analysis. That data can be extracted from Silo or deleted via the Admin Console. 

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Role-based provisioning

Assigning appropriate permissions to admins is critical to preventing misuse. Silo allows admins to be assigned at the root or sub-org level, and their role can be restricted to any combination of permissions: from simple help desk support actions to full policy updates.

Silo minimizes the risk of elevated permissions with finely configured administrator privileges. Different admins can receive specific privileges according to their role, enabling or restricting the addition of users, access control rules, policy changes, log access or promoting other users to admins. And these admin entitlements can be restricted to certain regions of the organizational structure. With this model, admins have only the appropriate permissions for their specific role. Learn more about granular admin controls.

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Audit administrator activity

Whether maintaining compliance or remediating events, ensuring that admins stay within their proper authorization is critically important. Silo logs capture comprehensive details covering web use, including all actions conducted in the Silo isolation environment, the Admin Console and Authentic8 Secure Storage, including updates and changes to established policies. 

Keeping on top of admin activity helps compliance and risk teams understand everything about how Silo is used across their organization. Silo logs admin change activities including who made the change, when it was made and the before-after values of the change. Admin logs fall under the standard org-level logging configuration — including log encryption — and can be pulled separately via APIs. Learn more in our Silo Log Reference Guide.

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Integrate with IT services

From directory services to identity management platforms, secure web gateways and SIEM solutions, Silo plays nicely with your current IT technology stack. Conversely, Silo can also act as a completely standalone environment, giving you the power to choose how Silo will work best for your organization.

Silo can provide a standalone user experience and execute completely outside of your organization's infrastructure. Or it can be woven into current IT solutions and the local browser for seamless remote access to corporate resources. Silo matches your organizational structure as defined in your on-premises directory service. If you're using an identity management platform, third-party SAML or other cross-authentication solutions, they can be used to authenticate users when they access Silo, and they can be used for single-click access to provisioned web applications.

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Why 500+ government agencies and commercial enterprises choose Silo

“Among its most beneficial functions is the option of authorizing certain people to access information. This helps a lot when handling highly confidential matters.”

Information Technology Operations Manager

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“Silo is really easy to set up and start using – very little configuration is required.”

Digital Marketing Director

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“Silo allows our users to transfer the risks associated with the web browsing off our network.” 

User in Military

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“Easy to use and administer. Setting up Silo for Research was a snap and makes for quick and safe ad-hoc investigations.”

User in Banking


“I can log user activity with Silo and browse potentially malicious or adware sites without worrying.”

User in Marketing

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“The experience is seamless to users, and IT doesn’t have to worry about employees accidentally clicking on something that might turn out to be malware or ransomware.”

Director of Technology Solutions

Authentic8 Success Story

“We are very pleased with Silo – it’s really a 10/10 experience!”

Director, Cybersecurity And Compliance

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“We’ve never had a problem with Silo – a couple of times when we had to call support, our questions were answered quickly and efficiently.”

Director, Cybersecurity And Compliance

Gartner Peer Insights Logo REVIEW

"Among its most beneficial functions is the option of authorizing certain people to access information, this helps a lot when handling highly confidential matters."

IT Operations Manager

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"We have tested several cloud browsers and haven't found anything better than Silo. Researching and testing potentially malicious URLs comes in very handy."

Director - Security Operations

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