NeedleStack focuses on cybersecurity intelligence July through August

SOCs, threat intelligence analysts, vulnerability researchers — these episodes are for you. Tuesdays, July through August, hosts Matt Ashburn and Jeff Phillips sit down with experts who live and breathe cybersecurity intelligence.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll explore:

  • How better research practices can aid threat prevention and streamline response
  • Research tips and techniques for unpacking exploits, TTPs and more
  • Considerations for building your SOC and threat intel teams for the best results

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About NeedleStack

NeedleStack explores tips, tricks and insights to the practice of online research. Whether you’re an OSINT expert or online research just comes with the job, tune in to learn how to hone your skills, improve efficiency and protect yourself as you search the surface, deep and dark web. 

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Matt Ashburn
Matt Ashburn
Former White House CISO Host

Self-described "recovering CISO," Matt is a former CIA cybersecurity officer and director on the National Security Council. He brings his nearly 20 years' experience in intelligence and cybersecurity to the show each week. When not hosting NeedleStack, he's Caribbean island hopping or navigating DC's Flight Restricted Zone.

Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips
Tech industry pro Co-host

Jeff tech industry veteran of more than 20 years (take that, Matt), launching products and SaaS solutions in startups and Fortune 100 companies. If curiosity killed the cat, Jeff has nine lives. If he wasn't hosting NeedleStack, he'd be doing a podcast on: gym rats and the beauty of Oklahoma.