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Cloud-based managed browsing for enterprises

In today's "perimeter-less" and web-first world, the browser has become the essential application across the workforce — even though it's also CISOs' most significant liability. Relying on standard browsers leaves administrators blind and the organization exposed as users access cloud apps or visit untrusted websites for work or personal browsing.

Silo is a secure enterprise browser used by IT teams to isolate all web-based activity — application access, personal browsing, web and email link opens — from ransomware, data exfiltration and phishing exploits in a cloud-based browsing environment.

Secure app access without delay, difficulty or compromise

bye bye web-borne risks

Bye bye web-borne risks

Fully isolate devices from the web, eliminating your primary attack surface.

no installation required

No installation required

Zero need to install client software or an agent on end-user devices.

data transfer protection

Data transfer protection

Enforce data policy controls across apps and websites to prevent leaks.

cloud native speed and scale

Cloud-native speed and scale

A zero-trust cloud browsing architecture purpose-built for the cloud.

familiar user experience

Familiar user experience

Built on open-source Chromium — looks and behaves as expected.

audit oversight and control

Audit oversight and control

Organization-wide visibility and control over web usage and data transfer actions.


Use Silo as your browsing environment


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What is web isolation?

Web isolation, also known as browser isolation or remote browser isolation (RBI), is a technology that separates browsing activity in a segregated environment. It’s become an increasingly important capability in a zero-trust approach to security. 


Web isolation is an enabler, not just a controller

So much of security is focused on control that it severely limits usability. But web isolation gives user enablement equal focus.