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Offer your customers the best web-based isolation

Silo is an easy-to-deploy, cloud-delivered solution that integrates easily with existing cybersecurity infrastructure, and can be configured specifically to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Silo can be delivered as a distinct browser or seamlessly integrated into the existing browser using APIs, allowing you to deliver the most appropriate user experience for your customers.

By partnering with Authentic8, MSPs and MSSPs can deliver critical web isolation solutions to a variety of market segments. Authentic8 offers our partners the broadest scope of deployment methodologies and integrations into customers' existing infrastructure, and strives to make management of Authentic8 solutions across your entire customer-base as simple as possible.

Web isolation Web isolation

Why become an MSP partner?

Simplified licensing and provisioning

Pay as you go, and manage web isolation for all customers from a single cloud-hosted console with dynamic monthly billing.

Easy-to-deploy browser security

Help customers protect browsing activity and isolate web usage without affecting the end user’s day-to-day workflows.

Administer Silo with ease

Simplify your management of customer networks and web-based security with Silo's multi-tiered, multi-tenant architecture.