See Authentic8's Solution for Secure Investigations in Action

Analysts, investigators and researchers need secure and efficient means to perform internet research and data collection. But traditional approaches have hampered investigation productivity and quality, while producing compliance and management headaches for risk and IT teams.

Watch the Silo for Research Product Tour to learn how the Authentic8 unique approach meets the needs of online research for financial fraud, anti-money laundering, threat intelligence, OSINT and other investigation fields.

Silo for Research relies on the Silo Web Isolation Platform that executes all web code in a secure, isolated environment managed by policy to provide 100% protection and oversight while accessing the open, deep and dark web. Managed attribution features enable analysts to mask their intent and identity, and workflow enhancements make it easy to collaborate on cases, all while IT maintains complete audit oversight and policy control.

  • Decrease time-to-insight for investigation teams
  • Simplify compliance and improve case documentation for risk teams
  • Reduce costs and management overhead for IT teams