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Even when it’s hard to look, OSINT is still critical

This is a hard blog for me to write but for many others they are dealing with so much worse.

Cybersecurity news roundup: ZeroFont, chatbot malvertising and a WebP zero-day

We’ve gathered the latest news on threats, malicious technology and cybersecurity advancements you need to know.

Third-party application access: simplified with zero-trust web isolation

Third-party application access is a major IT challenge for enterprises relying on contractors, agency partners, suppliers and others while…

How web isolation is evolving to solve SSE challenges

Web isolation has been playing a key role in cybersecurity for more than a decade. We look at its many use cases along the way and the…

What is web isolation?

Web isolation, also known as browser isolation or remote browser isolation (RBI), is a technology that separates browsing activity in a…

How analysts can keep up with the technology behind deepfakes for better verification

The rise in deepfakes is causing concern among intelligence professionals. Here's how researchers can keep up with verification as…

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OSINT data collection: you still need humans, but automation is well worth the investment

OSINT data collection automation ensures that teams are gathering the most relevant data as quickly and efficiently as possible, while…

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New Silo-Splunk integration for SOCs automates log correlation

New Silo for Safe Access feature provides Splunk integration for SOCs to monitor employee web and SaaS app access on any device, managed or…

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New Splunk integration for threat hunting, other online research

New Silo for Research feature provides Splunk integration for threat hunting and other online research, so enterprises maintain an…

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