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Unmasking website ownership using OSINT

Learn to uncover website owners in an investigation without tipping off your lead.

Why you should be on the dark web

Many people view the dark web as a place for illegal activities, but anyone in a cyber investigation or analysis role should be looking at…

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White House issues zero trust architecture transition strategy

Federal agencies must implement a zero trust architecture by fiscal year 2024  

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New White House action improves security of nation’s most sensitive systems

Presidential action expands the oversight role for the NSA regarding national security systems

Best practices for creating a dark web access policy

Protect your company and employees by creating a dark web access policy to set protocol for investigations to mitigate security and…

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Cybersecurity executive order aims to uplevel protections across agencies

The Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity takes aim at improving information sharing, supply chain security and tackling…

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Silo by Authentic8 is first authorized FedRAMP web isolation platform

Authentic8 is proud to announce its cloud-based platform is the first authorized FedRAMP web isolation solution meeting strict security…

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New Splunk integration for threat hunting, other online research

New Silo for Research feature provides Splunk integration for threat hunting and other online research, so enterprises maintain an…

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IT, legal, compliance: We need to talk.

Different priorities and communication gaps between teams threaten compliance and cybersecurity posture of financial firms, according to…

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