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Trust and safety

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Unmasking website ownership using OSINT

Learn to uncover website owners in an investigation without tipping off your lead.

Introduction to Mastodon for OSINT practitioners

Mastodon is a growing open-source social media platform with similarities to Twitter. As big shake-ups continue on social platforms, here’s…

8 OSINT researchers to follow for tradecraft tips

Resources, tradecraft tips and just plain inspiration—you should be following some of OSINT’s best practitioners

You may be doing OSINT research without even realizing it

As more professions are using frameworks of OSINT without realizing it, open-source research may be more ubiquitous than you realize.

What we can find when we know where to look: applying AI to social OSINT

This company’s AI technology tracks alt-social media sites to document trends and violent rhetoric, creating reports and saving time for…

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Go-to tools for trust and safety analysts

As the volume of trust and safety issues increases, analysts need the right tools to efficiently conduct successful investigations.

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Why trust and safety is risky business

Know the risks you take on while conducting a trust and safety investigation, how adversaries could retaliate and how to counteract these…

What is trust and safety?

Trust and safety has become a critical business function for digital platforms and services. We look at why it’s so important, how it works…

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Trust and safety: rebranding of an old concept, or a new way to look at customer interaction?

What is a trust and safety team? What's their mission? How are trust and safety online investigators different from payment fraud and …

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